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Learn art from the best art courses in the comfort of your own home

Our online program provides you with the structured learning essential to establishing a strong foundation in the art for all levels and ages.

Each course is provided with homework assignments to help uplift your skills. Submit completed drawings and paintings to our team for review and receive complete feedback.

Our online courses are packed with simple-to-follow lessons, where you can pause, go back, and watch again.

A close up of the word love with hearts painted on it

Starter – First Level in Arts – Starting soon

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A black and white drawing of a pitcher, bowl and glass.

Discover – Starting soon

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A painting of a horse on canvas with easel.

Bronze, Ages 9-10 – Starting soon

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A table with paintings and art supplies on it.

Silver, Ages 11-12 – Starting soon

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A painting of the starry night by vincent van gogh.

Gold, Ages 13+ – Starting soon

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Adults art classes are now available.

Adults Art Classes

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A person is painting on the wall of an art studio.

Online Art Classes for children age 7 – 10.


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