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Art Classes Group

Established in 2016, is a visual arts centre in Slough which supports young artists and promotes engagement with the visual arts through a range of inclusive activities: exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations and remote learning.

The centre's visual arts and art education approach focuses on creating art, appreciating art, promoting art, critical practice, collaboration and achievement.

Creating art

Our centre organises art classes every day for children and adults who want to develop or improve their drawing and painting skills and prepare their art portfolio for degree applications.

ACG is registered as an Arts Award Centre, inspiring young people to grow their arts and leadership talents. Arts Award qualifications are regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) in England, CCEA Regulation in Northern Ireland, and Qualifications Wales. The awarding organisation is Trinity College London (TCL). Trinity College London manages arts Award in association with Arts Council England.

Art Award map

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Appreciating art

Appreciating art is the knowledge and understanding of qualities that identify all great art. It is difficult to understand the art without understanding the culture and at ACG are organised every year trips to museums, galleries, venues, exhibitions and open studios.

For more information about our trips, please get in touch.

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Promoting art

ACG centre promotes diversity and inclusion through events like team building, exhibitions, workshops, parties and group events.

For more information about our exhibitions, please get in touch.

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Critical practice

Critical thinking is a pathway to reflective and independent thinking. We offer an exciting programme of interviews with debates from young artists, renowned artists, talks about artistic career, how to sell art, new techniques and trends in art.

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ACG centre promotes visual art and art education through art exhibitions, seasonal events and workshops, engaging with visual artists and collaborating with schools, organisations, museums, charities.

Our team

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Marinela Caldarus

Artistic Director

Marinela has completed a BA in Arts and Design, an MA in Interior Design and a QTS from the University of Architecture Bucharest. As a visual artist, Marinela was shortlisted as Artist of the Year by SAA in 2018, and she was on filming for Landscape Artist of the Year in 2016, 2017 and 2019, organised by Sky Arts. She is continuously featured in the local newspapers and shortlisted for the Local Hero Award in 2022 by Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group

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Ovais Shamsuddin

Executive Director

In 2016 Ovais became Chief Executive of Art classes Group to promote visual arts activities within the community. Ovais has developed a passion of Arabic calligraphy in 2012. In his studies in International Marketing helped him promote his work internationally. In 2013 he has exhibited his artwork in Brew house Art Centre, Derbyshire and In 2018, Ovais captured the interest of the BBC  broadcasting team and filmed for one episode of their programme New Dogs Old Tricks.

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Bruno Teves

Associate Videographer

Bruno is photographer and videographer. He has experience creating content with expertise in brand videos, promotional material, documentaries, event videos, celebration films and lifestyle productions. He has completed a BSc from the University of Surrey in Film and Television. He has worked with various film production companies in the UK.

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Art and Design Teacher

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Rajveer Lall

Art Studio Assistant

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Imaan Roma Vincent

Art Studio Assistant

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Amrita Riyat

Art Studio Assistant

Board members

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Roma Battye

Her career was predominantly spent in the travel industry, having worked for an airline for many years, finally holding a role as a Senior Sales Executive. She then spent 26 years working for American Express Travel in both Sales and Business Travel Operations culminating in a long-term role as a Senior Manager of a business unit heading up a large team responsible for delivering product sales across their UK network.

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Dr Harbans Singh Devsi

He previously gained a successful medical practice for 35 years and ran three private clinics. He is now retired, enjoys golfing and was a captain at Richings Park Golf Club from 2020 to 2021. He has a passion for travelling and holds a PPL pilot license.

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Shazia Tarafdar

She is a Senior Software Test Engineer at BBC with exceptional testing skills gained through years of commercial experience. She has been consistently awarded for ongoing excellent feedback from client satisfaction reports.

Shazia is a Parent Governor at Chippenham School Slough.

Dr Asma Farooq

Dr Asma Farooq

Dr Asma Farooq is a healthcare professional with over a decade of experience in clinical medicine within the NHS. Prior to this, she was a hospital-based pharmacist. Her current role includes practice management in addition to ongoing clinical work. In November 2023, she further expanded her horizons by joining the Art Classes Group as a board member, demonstrating her commitment to community engagement and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Our students and team members have received prestigious national and international awards.

Our students have exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, Young Artists summer show 2019 and 2020 and they won art competitions in California, Japan, France, Bulgaria, Singapore.

BBC has filmed our team members, Sky Arts at Landscape Artist of the Year 2019, BBC Berkshire Radio, BBC Derbyshire Radio.

You can find out about all our achievements below.

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