Valentines Day Blog

Marinela Caldarus Art Classes Group

‘The impact of her work as an art teacher extends beyond the art studio, influencing students’ holistic development and preparing them for a future where creativity and critical thinking are highly valued.

Marinela has established and led the Art Classes Group as a centre since 2016, where students can explore different artistic techniques, collaborate on projects, and deepen their passion for the arts by conducting workshops to introduce students to new art forms or skills. Marinela has always advocated for integrating art therapy techniques into the curriculum to address emotional and psychological well-being.

This was possible by engaging all team members in continuous professional development by attending workshops, conferences, and seminars. Sustainability is always at the core of our organisational programmes and she always undertakes initiatives that promote environmental awareness and sustainability through art by using recycled materials, creating eco-friendly installations and addressing environmental themes in student projects. These initiatives demonstrate the diverse and dynamic role that as an art teacher she has to play in fostering creativity, skill development, and a love for the arts among students.’

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