Winter Holiday Activities and Food Programme 2023

holiday activities and food programme 2023

The Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) for Winter 2023 is an excellent initiative by the Department for Education. This program aims to support families, especially those with children eligible for free school meals, during the major school holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, and summer. Key highlights of the HAF Winter 2023 program include:

* Healthy Meals: The program provides healthy meals to children, ensuring they receive nutritious food during the holidays. This is particularly important for children who rely on free school meals during term time.

* Nutrition Guidance: In addition to meals, families will receive advice on how to source, prepare, and cook nutritious food. This empowers parents and caregivers with the knowledge and skills to continue providing healthy meals at home.

* Enriching Activities: The program offers a wide range of exciting activities and sports. This not only keeps children engaged and entertained but also contributes to their overall development.

* Optional Participation: It’s important to note that participation in the HAF program is optional for eligible children. Families have the flexibility to decide if they want to take advantage of this valuable resource during the school holidays.

* Inclusive for All: Even if children are not eligible for free school meals, they can still participate by paying to attend. This inclusivity ensures that all children can enjoy the fun and benefit from the enriching activities and meals.

Overall, the HAF Winter 2023 program is a fantastic opportunity for families to ensure their children have access to nutritious meals and engaging activities during the holiday season. It not only helps address food insecurity but also creates an environment where children can learn, have fun, and stay active. This initiative by the Department for Education is a great step in supporting families in need.

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